80+ Heart Touching Scared Quotes About Love

scared quotes about love

Scared quotes about love illustrate the complex and often frightening emotions that come with being in love. Love can make us feel vulnerable, anxious, and unsure at times. Quotes about the scared and fearful side of love resonate with anyone who has experienced the highs and lows of this intense emotion. In this article, we will explore quotes that capture the scared and frightened feelings love can evoke. The strongest emotion that we as humans can experience is love. When we fall in love, there are both ups and downsides. It’s no wonder love can make us feel scared at times.

Scared Quotes About Love

Here are some scared quotes about love that capture the frightened and anxious side of being in love:

“There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.”

– Friedrich Nietzsche
"There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness."

This quote illustrates how love can feel like madness at times. The intensity of emotions can make us feel out of control. But Nietzsche also reminds us there is reason behind the feeling – we care deeply for someone, even if it scares us.

“To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything and your heart will be wrung and possibly broken.”

– C.S. Lewis

Lewis captures the vulnerability that comes with loving someone. Opening our heart makes it possible for pain as well as beauty. But he suggests to love is to be vulnerable – it comes part and parcel with the experience.

“When you fall in love, you’re falling in love with someone’s flaws too. You can’t love someone for their strengths and hate them for their weakness.” –


This quote delicately explores the frightening experience of realizing someone’s flaws and shortcomings. But it concludes loving someone means embracing their weaknesses too – a scared, but hopeful message.

The quotes above show quotes about love can illustrate the scared and frightened sides of this intense emotion. But they also remind us vulnerability is necessary for true intimacy, flaws are human, and a bit of madness comes with an open heart.

Quotes scared to love again

Falling in love again after heartbreak can be daunting. These quotes capture the fear and hesitation that comes with opening your heart when you’ve been hurt before.

“Giving second chances is hard, when you’re scared to fall for the same person you fell for once before.”

“I’m scared of falling in love again, but even more scared of never trying.”

I'm scared of falling in love again, but even more scared of never trying.

“My past has taught me that love lasts for some time and just like any other feeling, fades away. But my heart wants to try again.”

“I’m afraid of loving again because my heart doesn’t think it can survive another heartbreak.”

“I want to be loved again despite the fear that keeps me from finding someone new.”

“I’m terrified of falling in love all over again.”

“I’m scared to love again, scared of repeating old mistakes, patterns, and habits I thought I left behind.”

“The ghost of my past love still haunts me. I want to be unafraid again.”

“How do you mend a broken heart? How do you love again when you’re terrified to fall?”

“After you’ve been burned, you’re scared to get close again, but I can’t let one bad love ruin love for me forever.”

“I’m working through the fear that makes me want to run and hide from love.”

“My broken heart still has so much leftover fear but I know I have so much leftover love to give.”

“I don’t know if I can hand over my heart again when it’s been damaged before.”

“Sometimes it seems easier to be alone than to risk losing at love again.”

“I want to be loved fearlessly again but healing takes time after heartbreak.”

“The idea of falling in love is at war with the fear of getting hurt in my mind.”

“I’m afraid to trust again but I can’t let my wounds become walls.”

“It’s a daily battle re-opening your heart when you’re afraid of being broken again.”

“I am healing so I can love wholly again without the fear of past pain holding me back.”

“I am healing so I can love wholly again without the fear of past pain holding me back.”

“I hope with time these scars from old wounds won’t make me too scared to try to love again.”

Scared quotes about losing someone

Losing someone you love is devastating. These quotes reflect on the pain, fear, and uncertainty that comes with grieving the loss of someone meaningful.

“I’m scared of the emptiness that comes when someone you love is lost and can never be replaced.”

“Losing you made me realize how much loving someone also means opening yourself to loss.”

“Now that you’re gone, the fear of losing someone creeps in every time I dare to care.”

“I was scared to lose you then. Now I’m scared of losing again.”

“It hurts too much to bear. I’m scared of having to re-learn how to live now without you here.”

“I don’t want to be afraid of loss, but since losing you, grief moves in where love resides.”

“Nothing could console the frightened heart when my beloved was taken too soon.”

"Nothing could console the frightened heart when my beloved was taken too soon."

“I thought love was stronger than fear, until I had to face life without you.”

“The pain of losing you lives in me now, making me hesitant to give my heart away.”

“Now I understand heartache. I’m scared to open myself to loss like that again.”

“Losing someone made me realize how scary it is to care when it can be taken away.”

“I’m afraid of who else I might lose now that I know loving means having so much to lose.”

“Sudden loss left me fearful, clinging to memories of love but scared to make new ones.”

“Grief walks hand in hand with a fear of more goodbyes after someone so vital disappears.”

“Love cracked wide open into aching loss made me scared of how much I have left to lose.”

“Nothing could soothe the soul-deep fear from losing the one who felt like home to me.”

“Now I guard my heart in constant fear of losing love again after learning what loss can do.”

“Loving completely comes with the frightening knowledge it could end and leave you broken.”

“IMASKED saw love’s dark underbelly when loss carved fear into my vulnerable heart.”

“The one I loved was taken too soon, and now joy is tempered by a lingering fear of more loss.”

“The one I loved was taken too soon, and now joy is tempered by a lingering fear of more loss.”

Quotes about scared in love

Being in love can be thrilling but also terrifying. These quotes explore the scared feelings of vulnerability and potential pain that come with giving your heart to someone.

“Falling for you has been the most terrifying, most beautiful thing that I’ve ever done.”

“They say love casts out fear, but in reality, love often makes me scared out of my mind.”

“How frightening it is to care this much about someone, opening myself to both utter joy and devastation.”

“I thought love would be all romance. I never knew how much fear lived alongside this feeling.”

“Love exposes me, strips me bare of all defenses, leaving me brave in some moments and very scared in others.”

“With you my heart has reached heights of happiness I never dreamed, and depths of fear I never wished to know.”

“Love brings frightful uncertainty – so much potential for pain. Yet without you, joy has no meaning.”

“This love is a blaze of joy, though sometimes more a flicker with the winds of fear.”

“The deepest love harbors tremors of fear knowing we could shatter one another with this power.”

“I’m terrified how vulnerable love makes me, yet I trust this conquers the fear.”

“Love, the most stunning and petrifying gift, sweeping me away while scaring me still.”

“In love’s grace, I’m stronger yet so frightened by how you unlock parts of me I barely knew.”

“I waver, rapturous yet afraid, for love is knowing we each have the power to ruin the other.”

“Love seemed all passion, not fear, until I realized how you now have the power to wreck me.”

“This love scares me senseless even as my heart knows no greater truth or belonging.”

“This love scares me senseless even as my heart knows no greater truth or belonging.”

“I’m frightened by the intensity of needing you, while also unable to imagine life without it.”

“You bring out my best and expose my worst. Love can be wonderful and scary in the same breath.”

“I’m learning love takes bravery, to care this much while knowing the heights we can reach and depths we can fall.”

“Love amazes me while stirring up forgotten fears of not being enough or losing what I treasure most.”

“How terrifying and wondrous, to give you the power to uplift or crush me, and trust that love conquers fear.”

Quotes about scared to fall in love

Deciding whether to open yourself up to love is difficult. These quotes encapsulate the fear and reluctance around making yourself emotionally vulnerable to someone new.

“I want to fall headfirst into love with you, but I’m scared of how quickly I’m falling.”

“My head is telling me to be careful, but my heart has already fallen in love, skipping the scared part.”

“Love seems to find you when you’re most afraid to look for it.”

“I didn’t know I was ready for love until I realized how scared I was to lose you.”

“Falling for you makes me feel alive and afraid all at once.”

“When it’s real love, you’ll be too busy falling to remember to be scared.”

“Love waits for when you’re ready. For now, it’s okay to be scared of falling.”

“I’m terrified of falling for you, but trying not to let fear keep me from a chance at happiness.”

“I’m more afraid of never knowing love than I am of falling in it with you.”

“How frightening to think someone could become home to me, yet inviting too.”

“Love seemed a distant dream before I felt the fear of losing your heart that made me know I want it.”

“This new love is the scariest, most wonderful adventure I’ve ever started with you.”

“I’m afraid of falling fast, but more frightened of reaching the end without ever taking the leap.”

“Your love inspires me to be brave in the face of all these fears swirling inside me.”

“Yes love can hurt you, yet I realize the cost is greater if I never let myself fall.”

“Yes love can hurt you, yet I realize the cost is greater if I never let myself fall.”

“I’m terrified of needing you, but know real love requires taking this frightened leap.”

“Falling in love with you makes me feel vulnerable, but I know you deserve my full heart unfettered by fear.”

“I’m willing to bear the frightened heart that comes from loving, because my life is better lived with you in it.”

“I cannot promise to never be afraid, but know I’ll always choose love and you above fear.”

“I’m ready to embrace life and love fully, refusing to let fear hold me back from you.”

The wide range of scared quotes about love shared here encapsulate the vulnerability and fear that comes with opening our hearts to someone. From hesitation about trusting again after hurt to anxieties over loss, these quotes reflect the scared side of love. While popular culture often shows love as bliss, these frightened quotes resonate by illuminating love’s complexities. They give voice to reluctance about vulnerability as well as the risks inherent to intimacy. Ultimately, these scared quotes speak to why overcoming fear for the sake of love is an act of courage. Despite the many uncertainties love brings, these quotes reflect why embracing vulnerability remains necessary for living and loving fully.

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