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50+ Top Best Nipsey Hussle Quotes to Remember His Life

Nipsey Hussle is famous for many of his famous quotes and the most popular one of them all is, “You can not have everything.” This famous quote from Nipsey Hussle has been used in so many ways that you might be surprised of how did Nipsey Hussle die? You might want to know this Nipsey Hussle killer death mystery that took place while Nipsey was on tour with his band.

Nipsey was close to many people in his life including his close friends and relatives. Some of his closest friends and relatives were his cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and more. Because he always had a positive and outgoing personality, people loved being around him. When his life was taken away from him, people really felt devastated and some of his fans went on a quest of how did Nipsey Hussle killer die, trying to find out what really happened to Nipsey Hussle.

There were several theories on how did nipsey hussle die. Many believed that he was murdered because of his involvement with organized crime and his association with a group called the Nipsey Mafia. Other people thought that he died of a drug overdose. One very popular notion on how did nipsey hussle die was that he was poisoned by his lover. A lot of the tipsy hassle quotes that you will find online are from one of Nipsey’s closest friends, Paul Wilson.

So I would like to present to you some of nipsey hussle’s most famous quotes, These are very powerful quote from nipsey hussle and many people have taken them to heart.

Nipsey Hussle Quotes About Love

“I went through every sensation with tryna pursue what I’m doing, you know what I mean? And I think what’s gon’ leave whoever’s gon go for something, that you ain’t gon’ quit.” — Nipsey Hussle


“I’m the type person, my safe spot to be emotional in the corner.” — Nipsey Hussle


“I aim to inspire people with my story: motivate young people that turned up like myself, or even not like myself. Just, you know, go through the human experience.” — Nipsey Hussle


“I really love the ethos of hip-hop.” — Nipsey Hussle


“If you’re working to write about rap music and hip-hop, and you don’t love it, then we don’t need your idea, and we deny your opinion.” — Nipsey Hussle


“Success to me is just being able to do what you love to do and encourage yourself all through.” — Nipsey Hussle


“To me, honour comes first.” — Nipsey Hussle


“I get a more intense delivery when I just go in the booth and make the music talk.” — Nipsey Hussle


“You’re not going to frighten me into being somebody I don’t want to be.” — Nipsey Hussle


“It’s necessary to love in hip hop.” — Nipsey Hussle


“Be more daring. All my fundamental moonshots have defined me. That don’t be my downfall, my downfall will be not letting crazy, not having a higher expectation.” — Nipsey Hussle


“I always had a passion for rap music and I was continually trying to create a place to where I could do this full-time.” — Nipsey Hussle


“Your parents are thought to tell you to make choices that are gonna help you and that’ll have a definite effect on your life and your well-being.” — Nipsey Hussle


“The most important thing is to get rid of uncertainty. If you got disbelief in what you’re doing it’s not gonna work.” — Nipsey Hussle


“Be your own greatest fan, your own highest believer, and put it on your back and carry the weight.” — Nipsey Hussle


Nipsey Hussle Quotes about Life

“I try to spatter little gems and jewels in the music that somebody could use in their own life.” — Nipsey Hussle


“Being self-made means never making an justification as to why you can’t take steps toward whatever your aim is.” — Nipsey Hussle


“When you talk about black entrepreneurship, you’re talking about directing the foundation of what’s going on with our people when we don’t have any economic power. Our basic needs aren’t being met in a lot of cases, so there’s no way we’re going to be able to penetrate into our potential until we address those bottom-level base needs.” — Nipsey Hussle


“When you say ‘follow me on Twitter,’ and you get 10 million people to follow you — you just leveraged your power to add value to an app that you have no control in.” — Nipsey Hussle


“‘Victory Lap,’ even the title. It’s the collection of trial and error; that’s what I represent; trial and error.” — Nipsey Hussle


“One pillar to wealth is having a surplus income.” — Nipsey Hussle


“Thought is strong in all phases. Even in my career, even in my life, everything ends up exactly how I visualized them.” — Nipsey Hussle


“We serve a hustler. I think we serve as inspiration. I think we represent, you know, lingering down. I think we express building yourself up from the bootstraps.” — Nipsey Hussle


“If you’ve got a plan, it’s not just like a flute dream. You have a step-by-step list of things to do to get to your goal.” — Nipsey Hussle


“Black people in America, people from the struggle, aliens, it’s no generational wealth that we are attached to, so we are tasked to create — in one generation — closing the gap. That’s why we so Doomsday about getting to the check: ’cause it’s life or death for real.” — Nipsey Hussle


“I recognise myself as a hustler since I was a growing kid.” — Nipsey Hussle


“It’s not called ending if you quit while you ahead. It’s about being aware and being tricky enough to know that you got to get out of the pool at some point. You got to put your clothes back on and dry off.” — Nipsey Hussle


“I always had faith in my artistic capacity.” — Nipsey Hussle


“I’m about recognising long-term, viewing a vision, knowing nothing really worthwhile occurs overnight, and just sticking to your script long enough to make something real happen.” — Nipsey Hussle


“I don’t ever make moves under stress.” — Nipsey Hussle

Best Nipsey Hussle Quotes

“Luck is just bein’ served at all times, so when the door opens you’re ready.” — Nipsey Hussle


“Most essential thing is to get relieved of doubt. If you got doubt in what you’re doing it’s not gonna work.” — Nipsey Hussle

“I feel that luck is a outcome of hard work.” — Nipsey Hussle


“Your parents are supposed to tell you to make decisions that are gonna help you and that’ll have a definite effect on your life and your well-being.” — Nipsey Hussle

“I’m more focused on giving explanations and motivation more than anything.” — Nipsey Hussle


“We’re not the cause, we’re the effect.” — Nipsey Hussle


“You’ve got to have faith in what you’re creating and not take no for an answer.” — Nipsey Hussle


“I’m concentrating on the music, but I still got a cold library of books that I’ve either read or I plan on getting to.” — Nipsey Hussle


“If you don’t know your full-throttle history, the entire story of how you came to where you are, it’s sort of troublesome to put things together.” — Nipsey Hussle

“Success to me is just meaning able to do what you love to do and encourage yourself all through.” — Nipsey Hussle

“On a mission, your most dangerous enemy is idle time.” — Nipsey Hussle


“I’m at peace with what I’m doing, I feel great with what I wake up doing and about my lifestyle.” — Nipsey Hussle

“And it’s possible to monetize your art without jeopardising the honour of it for commerce.” — Nipsey Hussle


“Before rap, my last name was my lifestyle, and when I imagine success it looked like right now.” — Nipsey Hussle


“I forever had passion for rap music and I was always investigating to create a situation to where I could do this full-time.” — Nipsey Hussle

“I’m not in it for publicity. I’ve been famous in the streets already.” — Nipsey Hussle

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