100+ Top Best Happy New Year Wishes 2021

100+ Top Best Happy New Year Wishes 2022

Happy New Year Wishes 2021

You may have had some really good memories about the past one, though you never know what new one is on the way for you. It’s time to be happy, have new dreams, and make some new decisions for the new year in your life. It’s time to correlate with each other and make new year wishes. It’s time to move on and welcome what’s new. A new year means a lot of new ideas and new achievements.

People everywhere the world anticipate eagerly for this time of year to celebrate the memories they made in the past year and to welcome the new one. If you are passionate about the new year that’s soon to be welcoming, it’s time to look at these unique new year messages and happy new years greeting because you need to wish your dearest ones a new year reflection quotes and wishes


I want to have a new year as bright as your eyes, as sweet as your smile, and as happy as our relations are. Happy new year! Wishing you a great new year!


I wish you a very Happy New Year. Hope you have a great time ahead.


My only wish for this New Year is that I want to love you more than ever, take care of you more than ever and make you happier more than ever. Happy new year!


Your love filled up my heart with happiness that I have never felt. You gave me a life that I never knew existed. Wishing my love, a great new year!


I wish to have a year filled with happiness and strength to overcome all the dark hours. You are a true blessing. Happy New Year, love.


Best friendships are the ones that don’t fade away no matter what. They grow old and make life worth living when things go wrong. Thanks, mate for everything. Have a blessed new year!


May the new year bring all the good things in life you truly deserve. You had an amazing year already and you’re going to have another more amazing one!


Your presence in my life is like an open door that welcomes happiness and joy in abundance. I have never felt so alive before. Happy new year 2021!

Life is full of ups and downs but thanks to you guys, I can never feel down. Thanks for being my support. I love you so much, Happy New Year. May God bless you.


Happy New Year! I hope all your endeavors in 2021 are successful.


Wave goodbye to the old and embrace the new with full of hope, dream, and ambition. Wishing you a happy new year full of happiness!


Wishing for a year filled with laughter, success, and peace my dear colleagues. May God bless every one of us and our families. Happy New Year.


New is the year, new are the hopes, new is the resolution, new are the spirits, and new are my warm wishes just for you. Have a promising and fulfilling New Year!


May the 12 months of the new year be full of new achievements for you. May the days be filled with eternal happiness for you and your family!


Fresh HOPES, Fresh PLANS, Fresh EFFORTS, Fresh FEELINGS, Fresh COMMITMENT. Welcome, 2021 with a fresh ATTITUDE. Happy New Year. 

New Year Wishes For Lover

Without you, last year wouldn’t be so full of sweet memories. I can’t wait to do the same this year. Happy New Year wishes for my love. You came into my life to put an end to all my difficulties and distressing times. Today, I am more pleased than the happiest person in the world.happy new year wishes for my love. Send these beautiful happy new year wishes to your loved ones. Here you will find new year wishes for love, new year wishes for Husband, new year wishes for wife, new year wishes for girlfriend, new year wishes for boyfriend.


You are undoubtedly the best human being that I ever met in life. There are so many things to learn from you. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead!


A New Year is like a blank book, and the pen is in your hands. It is your chance to write a beautiful story for yourself. Happy New Year.


May the New Year start with fresh joys and a life filled with peace. May you get warmth and togetherness and prosperity too. Happy New Year!


As long as you are with me, I don’t need any other reason to celebrate the new year. You’re all the reasons I need to smile. Wishing you a happy new year!


May this upcoming year be as much glorified as you wish for it to be. Make this year more memorable than ever by accomplishing all your goals. Have a safe and happy new year.


Wishing you a Happy New Year with the hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come. Happy new year to my beautiful wife!


Another year has passed, another year has come. I wish for you that, with every year, you achieve all of your dreams. May God pour love and care on you. Happy New Year.


Life is not about possession; it is about appreciation. New hopes and aspirations. Happy New Year! 


It’s almost the end of one more wonderful year for us. I promise, my love for you will only be stronger with the passing of each day in the new year!


There is nothing in this world that can weaken my love for you. I am yours till the end of time. Wishing you a year full of love!


I was so busy loving you that I barely noticed one more year has been spent. The happy new year my love! Wish you all the happiness in this world!


As you prepare yourself to welcome a new year in life, I want you to know that I’ll always find new ways to love you! happy new year!


It doesn’t matter how many years come and go- I will always cherish all our beautiful moments no matter what. I love you, babe. Happy New Year.


My new year resolves to love you more than I did in the last year. I promise to make this new year a wonderful one for you. Happy new year!


It’s very hard to put it in words how much you mean to me. I will choose you again and again because I am truly, madly, and deeply in love with you. Happy New Year.


Every new year is a reason for me to fall in love with you for new reasons. Happy new year! I will never stop falling in love with you!


Your sweet smile can make me forget my deepest pain & my hardest sorrows. Happy new year dear. You’re the reason why new years are so amazing!

New Year Wishes For Friends

New Year brings a great possibility for new goals, new tests, and successes for the upcoming year. Our friends know much better what we need than our family does and their wishes are the ones that we take more thoughtfully. So, for this New Year Eve, spend a little of your time, to find the right wishes to share with your friends. Happy new year’s message for a best friend will tell them how much you adore and love them. Here are some heart touching new year wishes for friends, happy new year wishes for friends.


You’ve been the most amazing friend in my life throughout the past years. I hope you’ll never stop doing that. Happy new year!


Becoming your friend was the best thing I’ve done last year. I would really like to keep this friendship alive for the rest of my life!


Thank you for holding on to me when things get hard and I get tired of life. May Lord bless our bond and you – forever and always. Have a great holiday. Happy New Year.!


May all your dreams come true and may you find the love of your life this new year. I have only a good wish for you. Thank you for being such a good friend to me!


Last year was a special year in my life because I met you. Next year will be special because I already have you as my best friend!


May you become a billionaire this new year so I don’t have to pay your restaurant bills anymore. Wishing you a prosperous year ahead!


It feels wonderful to think about how quickly we became such good friends to each other. I’m sure our friendship will last forever. Happy new year 2021!

I have received many blessings in life, but you will always be the best one that God has ever given me. The happy new year my friend!


I may not always appreciate you as a friend, but deep in my heart, I have a place for you that no one can ever take. Happy new year!


I enjoyed this year with you so much that I can’t wait to begin another. Thank you for showing me the true color of friendship. Happy new year dear friend!

Short New Year Wishes

Looking for some new short year wishes greetings to add to your celebration at your New year’s Party, looking for the right words to share with your loved ones in the New Year, then sure you will find beautiful New Year’s sayings and happy new year SMS below


“Here’s a toast to the future, a toast to the past, and a toast to our friends, far and near. The past is a bright dream; may our friends, remain faithful and clear.”


“May you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live!”


“As we start the New Year, let’s get down on our knees to thank God we’re on our feet.”


“May you have a prosperous New Year.”


“Wishing you a happy, healthy New Year.”


“May the new year bless you with health, wealth, and happiness.”


“In the New Year, may your right hand always be stretched out in friendship, never in want.”


“May your teeth be white, your eyes be bright, and your capacity for love at its height!”


“May the new year see you loving, giving, and living!”


“Happy New Year’s now and always!”


“May your most used attire in the new year be a smile.”


“Have a wonderful New Year surrounded by those that mean most!”


“May you fill your New Year with new adventures, accomplishments, and learnings!


Happy New Year Wishes For Family

New year comes while the Christmas Bells ring is still ringing. Sending Happy new year wishes to friends and family can be your way of astonishing your loved ones and exciting new hopes, new possibilities, and a happy sense of renewal. Heart touching new year’s wishes for friends and family will show your love, appreciation, and gratefulness towards them. Here you will find beautiful happy new year wishes for your family and friends and happy new year from our family to yours


May this new year eve bring golden memories in our family to cherish forever. Happy new year son! 


This family is a beautiful gift that all I have. May this new year make new cheerful memories with my lovely family.


I am so lucky to have this lovely and supportive family. May God keep the smile on all of your faces throughout the year!

New Year’s night is all about family reunion. So, glad that God has blessed me with such an amazing family, Happy New Year. May all the good things happen to us.


The world can be very cruel sometimes but knowing that you guys have always got my back – makes it a whole lot easier. Happy New Year. May God bless you.


Every year brings something new in our life: new friends, new job, new clothes… But there’s one thing time isn’t able to change: love for our families. Happy New Year!


May God bestow our family with enough strength and unity to overcome every rain and storm of life. Wishing you all a cheerful new year!


I pray this New Year for my family members, Lord shower upon you countless blessings of happiness and love always, have a Happy New Year!


For my lovely family members, I send love and New Year wishes for all. I wish your New Year celebration to be a marvelous one and the oncoming year a treasure of lovely moments. Have a happy new year ahead.


My dear family, I want you to know one thing: all that matters to me is your happiness and prosperity. Being a member of such a beautiful family is a real blessing and I will be grateful to you forever. Happy new year!


I send the heartiest new year greeting wishes for my family. Let this New Year be the loveliest of all with cherished moments of joy your way. Have a happy new year!


A family like ours lights up every year with happiness and joy! And I am lucky to be a part of it! Happy New Year.


Thank you all for being with me through all these years. There’s so much more to come! Life is amazing with you in it. Have a very happy New Year!


As we step into another year I’d like to thank you for lifting me whenever I am down and encouraging me to move forward. Have a beautiful year!


Happiness and prosperity are the two things that only matter to me being a member of this blessed and beautiful family. May we all have a Happy New Year!


Inspirational New Year Wishes

Inspirational New Year wishes and greetings to motivate your loved ones for a productive and prosperous New Year and share your joy. The New Year is a matter of celebration – to see back into the year gone by and for looking ahead to a time of new beginnings. A lot can happen in a year and send across your deep messages for a happy New Year to your loved ones, which can make all the difference. Here you will find powerful new year message, new year message for employees, business happy new year message, new year wishes for students


I wish this year grants you everything that you wish for and brings you success from every direction. Happy New Year, my dear colleagues. Good luck for the year.


May this year be the most prosperous one filled with success, fun, and laughter. May Lord bless our company and us. Happy New Year 2021.


I wish you a wonderful year filled with enormous happiness and boundless joy. You are the best colleague I have ever had. Happy new year!

May all your hard work pay off and you receive all the sweetest rewards that you deserve in life. Wishing you a prosperous new year!


As you prepare yourself to embrace the new year, I want you to know that I am thankful for all the good things that I learned from you. Happy new year


Dear colleagues! The happy new year may you see all the happiness, peace, and success you deserve in the coming year and beyond!


This new year will bring all the success that you desire for. May all your goals are achieved and your purposes are fulfilled!


Happy New Year’s work colleagues! Here’s hoping that all your dreams come true and the coming days are filled with success and prosperity!


Its time to say goodbye to the old one. Let’s welcome the new year with hearts full of positivity and new hopes. Happy new year!


I hope the coming will be just as fruitful and rewarding as the last year was. May our bonds be tighter than ever! Happy new year!


We are the passengers of the same boat that’s heading towards a common destination. May the hopes of the new year guide us in the right direction!


Every day spent with you guys at the office is full of fun, joy, and learning of new things for me. I wish to be with you in the new year and in many more years to come!


I fell in love with my office. But even before that, I fell in love with you. This love will only grow stronger as the years come and go. Happy new year!


You have been a strong example for people at work but this New Year will put on you a greater responsibility to lead people by your standards and impart higher values to improve the work atmosphere. Happy New Year!


Look forward to another new year with hunger and passion to exceed at work and you are sure to meet with success. Have a wonderful new year!

Funny New Year Wishes

New Year is Coming soon, leaving behind all the sad and unhappy moments of this passing year. Perform your best to make all your beloved people around you happy, beginning with a cute and funny New Year wish. Send some funny new year wishes 2021 for friends and make them laugh!


It’s the time of the year to make new year’s resolutions that you know you can never keep. But you’ll do it anyway. Happy new year!


One more year has gone and you’re still the dumb person you were always. Let’s hope you can be a better person this year!


Remember mate that life always gives you a second chance. What are the new years for? Grab your chances every time! Happy New Year.


Do you know what’s my favorite part of the new year? I always make my resolutions when I’m drunk so that I never am committed to them. Happy New Year.


You know you’re old and tired when you just want to have a nap instead of being drunk & have fun on New Year’s Eve. Happy new year 2021!


The funniest thing about the last day of a year is that you can make a bunch of unrealistic to-do lists & still everyone would say you can accomplish them!


I’m not making any new resolutions for the New Year. I’m really good at annoying you and I’ll simply continue on that path!

May all your problems vanish as quickly as your new year’s resolution does every year. I wish you a happy new year full of happiness!


Life is already full of good things. You just have to stop complaining and be a little bit more optimistic. Enjoy this new year with a glass-half-full of vodka!


New years bring you a lot of new problems. But the good thing is, they usually last just as long as your new year resolution. Happy new year!


Life has taught me that no matter what you say and how hard you try; you can never stop some people from making stupid new year resolutions! Happy new year!


I’m planning to come to your house on the 31st of December so that on the 1st of Jan, I can say – I have been living in your house for a year! Happy New Year.


Keep making the same old mistakes, but do it in a new way. Accept my heartfelt, warm wishes for this new year. All the best!


New years are like restart buttons to start things over again, except the fact that your device is long dead. Have an enjoyable new year!


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