100 Love Quotes in Spanish for him to Win His Heart

Love Quotes in Spanish for him

Love quotes for him in Spanish express feelings of affection, passion, and romance from a woman to her male partner. They capture the intensity of love and the desire to make one’s partner feel cherished. The quotes highlight the man’s positive qualities and the joy he brings to his female companion’s life.

Many express longing and the wish to be together always. Some are playful and flirtatious, while others profess eternal, unconditional love. The quotes employ romantic language and vivid imagery to convey heartfelt emotions. Common themes include wanting to be closer physically and emotionally, cherishing every moment together, and affirming the profound meaning he brings to her life.

In Spanish, such loving words often sound particularly beautiful due to the language’s rhythmic, sensual qualities. For the expressive Spanish speaker, quoting these short sayings is an excellent way to make one’s partner feel appreciated and adored.

100 Spanish love quotes for him:

Eres lo mejor que me ha pasado en la vida.

You are the best thing that has happened to me in life.

El amor de mi vida eres tú.

You are the love of my life.

Cuando pienso en ti, mi corazón sonríe.

When I think about you, my heart smiles.

Sin ti, mi vida no tendría sentido.

Without you, my life would have no meaning.

Eres mi sol, mi luna, mis estrellas.

You are my sun, my moon, my stars.

Eres el hombre de mis sueños hecho realidad.

You are the man of my dreams come true.

Me derrito cada vez que me sonríes.

I melt every time you smile at me.

Mi corazón es tuyo para siempre.

My heart is yours forever.

Eres mi príncipe azul.

You are my prince charming.

Me haces sentir como una princesa.

You make me feel like a princess.

Me encanta todo sobre ti.

I love everything about you.

Eres mi persona favorita en el mundo entero. You are my favorite person in the whole world.

Contigo a mi lado me siento completa.

With you by my side I feel complete.

No puedo imaginar la vida sin ti.

I cannot imagine life without you.

Cada momento a tu lado es mágico.

Every moment by your side is magical.

Me derrito con cada dulce palabra tuya.

I melt with each sweet word from you.

Tu amor me da alas para volar.

Your love gives me wings to fly.

Eres la flor más bella de mi jardín.

You are the most beautiful flower in my garden.

Mi corazón susurra tu nombre con cada latido.

My heart whispers your name with each beat.

Eres mi hogar, mi refugio, mi todo.

You are my home, my shelter, my everything.

Tus ojos me hipnotizan. Podría mirarlos por siempre.

Your eyes hypnotize me. I could gaze into them forever.

Tu sonrisa ilumina hasta mi día más oscuro.

Your smile brightens even my darkest day.

Cuando tomaste mi mano, supe que eras para mí.

When you took my hand, I knew you were meant for me.

Mi mayor tesoro eres tú. Y

ou are my greatest treasure.

Quiero despertar contigo cada día.

I want to wake up next to you every day.

Tú me cambiaste la vida desde el primer momento.

You changed my life from the very first moment.

Soy tuya en cuerpo y alma.

I am yours in body and soul.

A tu lado siento mariposas en el estómago.

Next to you I feel butterflies in my stomach.

Tu amor es la fuerza que me impulsa.

Your love is the force that drives me.

Solo tú tienes la llave de mi corazón.

Only you have the key to my heart.

Abrazarte es mi lugar feliz.

Hugging you is my happy place.

Contigo el mundo es más hermoso.

With you the world is more beautiful.

Me encanta tu sentido del humor.

I love your sense of humor.

Adoro todo de ti, hasta tus defectos.

I adore everything about you, even your flaws.

Eres mi mejor amigo, amante y confidente.

You are my best friend, lover and confidant.

Quiero ser tu hombro para llorar y reír.

I want to be your shoulder to cry and laugh on.

Prometo amarte más con cada día que pasa.

I promise to love you more with each passing day.

Mi corazón y mi alma son tuyos.

My heart and soul are yours.

Tus brazos son mi hogar.

Your arms are my home.

Sólo tú puedes hacerme tan feliz.

Only you can make me this happy.

Eres mi mayor aventura.

You are my greatest adventure.

A tu lado puedo ser yo misma.
By your side I can be myself.

Tus ojos cautivaron mi corazón por completo.
Your eyes completely captivated my heart.

Mi mundo es más colorido contigo en él.

My world is more colorful with you in it.

Soy adicta a tu amor. I

‘m addicted to your love.

Cuando nos besamos, toco el cielo con las manos.

When we kiss, I touch the sky with my hands.

Me encanta tu risa, tu pasión, tu locura.

I love your laugh, your passion, your craziness.

Quiero crecer contigo y envejecer contigo.

I want to grow with you and grow old with you.

Tus brazos son donde quiero estar siempre.
Your arms are where I want to be always.

Eres todo lo que siempre soñé.

You are everything I always dreamed of.

Adoro los momentos robados contigo.

I love the stolen moments with you.

Tú eres quien le da sentido a mi existencia.

You are the one who gives meaning to my existence.

Me tienes hechizada con tu mirada.

You have me bewitched with your gaze.

Soy la mujer más afortunada por tenerte.

I’m the luckiest woman for having you.

Quiero amarte por el resto de mi vida.

I want to love you for the rest of my life.

Eres mi felicidad más grande.

You are my greatest happiness.

Contigo el tiempo vuela.

With you time flies.

Gracias por elegirme cada día.

Thank you for choosing me every day.

Soy tuya para toda la eternidad.

I am yours for all eternity.

Me derrito con cada caricia tuya.

I melt with your every caress.

Soy adicta a tus labios.

I’m addicted to your lips.

Nunca me cansaré de decirte cuánto te amo.
I will never tire of telling you how much I love you.

Eres mi sueño hecho realidad.

You are my dream come true.

Tu amor me llena el alma.

Your love fills my soul.

Te quise antes de conocerte.

I loved you before I met you.

Tus manos encajan perfecto con las mías.

Your hands fit perfectly in mine.

Soy tuya, de nadie más.

I am yours, no one else’s.

Cásate conmigo y hazme la mujer más feliz.

Marry me and make me the happiest woman.

Quiero compartir cada momento contigo.
I want to share every moment with you.

Me fascina todo de ti.
Everything about you fascinates me.

Me tienes completa y perdidamente enamorada.

You have me completely and hopelessly in love.

Quiero ser tuya ahora y para siempre.
I want to be yours now and forever.

Me derrito cuando me abrazas.

I melt when you hug me.

Soy la envidia de todas por tenerte.
I’m the envy of all for having you.

Amo dormir y despertar entre tus brazos.

I love falling asleep and waking up in your arms.

Mi corazón late por ti. My heart beats for you.

Te quiero más que a nada en este mundo.

I love you more than anything in this world.

Eres mi persona favorita.

You are my favorite person.

Todo es mejor cuando estamos juntos.

Everything is better when we’re together.

Quiero pasar cada momento de mi vida contigo.

I want to spend every moment of my life with you.

Tu amor me hace sentir viva.
Your love makes me feel alive.

Sin ti estoy perdida.

Without you I am lost.

Tú eres mi hogar.

You are my home.

Contigo el mundo cobra sentido.

With you the world makes sense.

Mi alma y la tuya son una misma.
My soul and yours are one and the same.

Soy tu fan número uno.
I’m your number one fan.

Soy adicta a tus abrazos y tus besos.

I’m addicted to your hugs and kisses.

Quiero compartir cada capítulo de mi vida contigo.

I want to share every chapter of my life with you.

Mis días son grises sin tu amor.

My days are grey without your love.

Eres mi sol personal.

You are my own personal sun.

Contigo puedo ser yo misma sin reservas.

With you I can be myself without reservations.

El mundo es más luminoso cuando estamos juntos.
The world is brighter when we’re together.

Quiero saber todo sobre ti.
I want to know everything about you.

Me fascina tu mente brillante.

I’m fascinated by your brilliant mind.

Tu risa es mi canción favorita.

Your laugh is my favorite song.

Soy inmensamente feliz cuando estoy contigo.
I am immensely happy when I’m with you.

Eres mi príncipe valiente. You are my brave prince.

Quiero pasar cada minuto de mi vida a tu lado.

I want to spend every minute of my life by your side.

Me derrito con cada mirada tuya.

I melt with your every glance.

Te amaré por el resto de mis días.
I will love you for the rest of my days.

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