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50+ Top Best Itachi Uchiha Quotes [2022]

Itachi Uchiha is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series produced by Masashi Kishimoto. Itachi is the older brother of Sasuke Uchiha and is accountable for murdering all the members of their class, forgiving only Sasuke. He arrives acting as a rebel from the organization Akatsuki and assists as Sasuke’s most imposing enemy.

Throughout the second part of the manga, Itachi becomes implicated in terrorist crimes to ninjas possessing tailed-beast beings until facing Sasuke in a one-on-one battle. Although Itachi dies during the final duel, it is later exposed Itachi had a strange reason for killing the Uchiha clan. Itachi is a playable character in most of the video games from the series.

Itachi’s character has been successful with readers of the manga. His presence as an antagonist has been honored by several writers, However, some have thought his primary appearance to be unsurprising. The progressive prophecies of his past and its influence on the story have also received a definite response and his fights were regarded to be “one of the best” in the series.

Itachi Uchiha Quotes about brotherhood

“Foolish little brother, if you want to kill me, despise me, hate me. Run, run.. cling to life and last in a repulsive way. Then someday, when you had these same eyes, come to me.”


“You aren’t even worth killing, foolish little brother.”


“You’re such a child. You talk of nothing but pipe dreams… there are times when people must make extreme choices.”


“You and I are flesh and blood. I’m always going to be there for you, even if it’s only a barrier for you to overcome. Even if you do hate me. That’s what big brothers are for.”


“Don’t cry, Sasuke. Your big brother is here to defend you, no matter what happens.”


“If I would have been in front of you and looked you in the eyes from the very start… talked to you instead of down to you… and be open about everything. But I lost, and talking to you now, like this, isn’t going to undo the lasting damage that’s already been done to you. That’s why I desired to show you the truth.”


“Even if it’s just a little. And no matter what you choose to do from here on out, you never have to forgive me – I will always love you.”


“Forgive me Sasuke….But this is the end!”


Itachi Uchiha Quotes about his enemies


“Those who turn their hands against their companions are sure to die a horrifying death.”


“Even the strongest of enemies always has a weakness.”


“My capacity….I’ve lost all concern for this pitiful clan..…The clan.…. The clan…. All of you without scaling your abilities..…Had no Idea of mine..…And now, you lie here, Broken…… “

“You are weak. Why are you so weak? Because you lack… hate.”


“Any procedure is worthless before my eyes.”


Itachi Uchiha Quotes about life


“People live their lives restricted by what they accept as accurate and true. That’s how they describe “reality”. But what does it mean to be “correct” or “true”? Simply inexplicable concepts… Their “reality” may all be a mirage. Can we consider them to simply be living in their own world, shaped by their expectations?”


“If you want to know who you are, you have to look at your real self and accept what you see.”


“It is not smart to judge others based on your own assumptions and by their faces.”


“Growth occurs when one progresses beyond one’s limit. Apprehending that is also a part of the training.”


“Those who forgive themselves, and can accept their true nature…THEY ARE THE STRONG ONES.”


“Those who can’t support their real selves are bound to fail.”


“You’re such a child. You talk of nothing but pipe dreams… there are times when people must make extreme choices.”


“True Change cannot be executed if it is restricted by laws and limitations, prophecies and imagination.”


“Self-sacrifice… A nameless shinobi who preserves peace within its darkness. That is a true shinobi.”


“Knowledge and awareness are dark, and perhaps better-called fantasies. Everyone lives within their interpretation.”


“No single thing is complete by itself. That’s why we’re born to bring other things to make up for what we lack.”


“He who forgives and accepts himself… that is what it truly indicates to be strong!”


“Teachings that do not speak of pain have no interest, for humankind cannot get anything in return.”


“I don’t think something like perfection exists. That is I think why we are born able to learn things… and by associating ourselves with something else we can eventually head in a good direction.”


“People’s lives don’t end when they die, it ends when they lose faith.”


“It is absurd to fear what we have yet to see and know.”


“So tell me where should I go, to the left where nothing is right or to the right where nothing is left?”


“Loneliness is this world’s worst kind of pain.”


“We are humans, not fish. We don’t know what kind of people we are until the time before our deaths. As death comes to welcome you, you will realize what you are. That’s what death is, don’t you think?”


Itachi Uchiha general quotes

“You don’t become a Hokage to be accepted by everyone, the ones who get greeted by everyone become a Hokage.”


“Now I feel that maybe knowing who I actually am is the key to reach perfection. Because that means knowing what I can and cannot do.”


“Obsessed with Organization, obsessed with the clan, obsessed with ourselves. A trivial addiction that binds us and limits our abilities, leading us to fear what we don’t recognise. You focus on the trivial and lose sight of what is most important, Change is challenging in this fog of unconsciousness. How can we evolve when management is all we know?”


“No, it means to forget yourself for what you aren’t able to do. Your friends are there to make up for what you cannot do and to stop you from ignoring things that you actually might have been able to do.”


“At this moment, I am euphoric. Not because of any phoney Shinobi’s blessing. But because I’m acquainted by my intellect.”


“I’ve had full, there’s no hope left for this pitiful clan.”


“The village does have its dark side and its differences, but I’m still Konoha’s Itachi Uchiha.”



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