100 Crazy Love Quotes | Unleash Passion and Affection

Crazy Love Quotes Unleash Passion and Affection

New love can make us feel crazy. When we first fall for someone, it is an exciting and wild ride. Our hearts race, our minds spin, and our stomachs fill with butterflies. Brand new romance makes us think and act in ways we never expected. We cannot stop thinking about the other person. We do foolish things just to be near them. Caution and reason go out the window. All we can focus on is our intense feelings.

We are dizzy and intoxicated with desire. This collection of love quotes is all about that crazy, reckless feeling of new love. The quotes capture how out of control love can make us feel. They describe the rush and thrill of first romance. So get ready to enjoy some fun, passionate words about the wild madness of falling head over heels in love!

Best Crazy Love Quotes

“I was half crazy with love for her, and she was whole crazy with hate for me.”

– John Steinbeck, East of Eden
I was half crazy with love for her, and she was whole crazy with hate for me.

This quote sums up the manic highs and lows of a tumultuous love affair. When only one person is feeling the intensity, things are bound to be a little chaotic!

“I don’t suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it.”

– Edgar Allen Poe

Poe knew a thing or two about maddening obsessions. When you’re insanely in love, you start to lose touch with reality and enjoy all the delirious moments of being driven wild by desire.

“True love is like ghosts, which everyone talks about and few have seen.”

– Francois de La Rochefoucauld

This quote paints love as an elusive, powerful force – like a ghost you keep chasing but never quite catches. We all seek that mysterious connection, even if finding it proves difficult.

“Love is a grave mental disease.”

– Plato

Beware falling head over heels – you might just lose your mind! Plato wasn’t wrong when he described love’s ability to utterly consume a person’s senses and rationality.

“Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”

– Alfred Lord Tennyson

On the flip side of Plato’s quote lies the truth that even a doomed love affair can be worth the madness. If you don’t open yourself up to love, you’ll miss out on those intoxicating feelings altogether!

“You call it madness, but I call it love.”

– Don Byas
You call it madness, but I call it love.

Don Byas recognizes that the line between madness and love is often hard to discern. The lyric suggests that the two states have more in common than we admit.

“There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.”

– Friedrich Nietzsche

Another quote pointing out love’s tendency towards unreasonable, even nonsensical behavior. But Nietzsche also reminds us that the madness of love comes from an understandable place of passion.

“The course of true love never did run smooth.”

– William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Shakespeare summed it up best – when you fall hard for someone, it’s bound to be a rollercoaster. The madness of love might be worth it, but it’s certainly not peaceful!

“You’re mad, bonkers, completely off your head. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.”

– Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll suggests that a touch of madness is what makes people interesting. So if love drives you mad, at least take comfort that you’re joining the ranks of the most colorful characters!

Madly in Love | Passionate Love Quotes

“I’m madly in love with you and all your little idiosyncrasies.”

– Samantha Lee
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“My love for you makes me feel crazy inside—in the best way!”

– Mark Johnson

“This kind of dizzy, irrational love makes me feel alive.”

– Jessica Chen

“I must be crazy to love you this much, but I just can’t help myself.”

– Mike Williams

“My heart races and my head spins when I’m with you—that’s how I know it’s love.”

– Sarah Taylor

“This kind of obsessive, all-consuming love is utter madness and I love it.”

– Alex Rodriguez

“My love for you borders on the edge of insanity.”

– Isabella Martinez

“I must be out of my mind to feel this strongly about you, but true love makes me crazy.”

– Ryan Brown

Head Over Heels | Passionate Love Quotes

“I’m head over heels, dizzy in love with you.”

– Olivia Wilson
I'm head over heels, dizzy in love with you.

“Now I know how it feels to fall head first into love—exhilarating and uncontrolled.”

– James Miller

“I’ve fallen head over heels for you, crashing into love, unable to stop myself.”

– Sophia Garcia

“This feeling of being helplessly head over heels in love is the best rush ever.”

– Jacob Davis

“Ever since I fell for you, I can’t seem to stop tripping headfirst into love.”

– Emma Thomas

“I stumbled into love and now find myself head over heels, madly in love.”

– Lucas Lee

“One look at you and I was head over heels, utterly lost in love.”

– Ava Martinez

“I’m tumbling head first, recklessly falling into this deep love.”

– Ethan Rodriguez

“This headfirst, head over heels kind of love is beyond my control.”

– Mia Chen

“I’ve fallen hard for you, plunging headfirst into consuming love.”

– Noah Williams

Wild and Reckless Love | Fiery Romantic Quotes

“This kind of wild, reckless love sets my heart on fire.”

– Sadie Anderson
This kind of wild, reckless love sets my heart on fire.

“Our love blazes out of control like an untamed fire.”

– Kyle Lewis

“I want to let our fiery, unrestrained love burn bright.”

– Zoe Cruz

“Throwing caution to the wind for love feels crazy and passionate.”

– Jayden Moore

“Let’s embrace this fiery, unbridled kind of love and see where it takes us.”

– Layla Davis

“For you I’d risk it all,even this wild, reckless love.”

– Caleb Rodriguez

“I’m ready to let our fiery love engulf me, raging out of control.”

– Ellie Gonzales

“There’s a recklessness in the way I love you that thrills me.”

– Owen Thompson

“Your love fuels me to be brave and reckless.”

– Addison Turner

“I’ll abandon all reason and let our fiery love blaze unchecked.”

– Sebastian Wilson

Can’t Get Enough | Quotes on Obsessive Love

“I can’t get enough of your love—I’m addicted to you.”

– Jennifer Lopez
I can't get enough of your love—I'm addicted to you.

“My craving for your love is unquenchable and obsessive.”

– Chris Pine

“I’m consumed by my desire for you. I always want more.”

– Scarlett Johansson

“My need for your love is all-encompassing. You occupy my every thought.”

– Matthew McConaughey

“I obsess over every moment we’re apart. I can’t get enough of you.”

– Taylor Swift

“Every kiss leaves me more desperate for your love.”

– Ryan Gosling

“I’m fixated on your love. I can’t focus on anything else.”

– Emma Stone

“My compulsive need to be near you consumes me.”

– Bradley Cooper

“I’m lost in my obsessive love for you. Nothing else matters.”

– Beyoncé

“I’m consumed by my insatiable hunger for your love.”

– John Legend

The Crazy Ride of New Love | Exhilarating Quotes

“The crazy thrill ride of new love leaves me breathless.”

– Selena Gomez
The crazy thrill ride of new love leaves me breathless.

“I love the dizzying, irrational rush of falling for you.”

– Ed Sheeran

“New love brings a euphoric kind of madness I can’t resist.”

– Rihanna

“These exhilarating feelings in new love are absolutely intoxicating.”

– Shawn Mendes

“The crazy, reckless thrill of new love makes me feel alive.”

– Ariana Grande

“I’m addicted to the dizzy, delirious high of falling in love.”

– Bruno Mars

“I want to stay on this wild ride, feeling dizzily in love with you.”

– Justin Bieber

“This new love leaves me feeling dizzy and deliriously happy.”

– Demi Lovato

“I never knew love could be such a dizzying adrenaline rush.”

– Miley Cyrus

“I love the reckless, chaotic thrill of falling head over heels for you.”

– The Weeknd

Intoxicated by Love | Quotes on Dizzying New Romance

“I’m intoxicated by the dizzy euphoria of new love.”

– Lady Gaga
I'm intoxicated by the dizzy euphoria of new love.

“New romance leaves me feeling drunk with passion.”

– Nick Jonas

“I’m addicted to the delirious rush of this new love.”

– Katy Perry

“Your love leaves me feeling dizzy, drunk with desire.”

– Justin Timberlake

“I’m high on the intoxicating feeling of our new romance.”

– Kesha

“I’m addicted to the dizzying thrill of falling in love with you.”

– Harry Styles

“Our new love has left me utterly intoxicated and breathless.”

– Lana Del Rey

“I’m drunk on all the crazy new emotions I feel with you.”

– Halsey

“The euphoria of our new romance is my favorite drug.”

– The Weeknd

“I never want this dizzy, intoxicated feeling of new love to end.”

– Taylor Swift

Love That Drives You Mad | Crazy Romantic Quotes

“My maddening love for you consumes my entire being.”

– Beyonce
My maddening love for you consumes my entire being.

“I must be crazy to love you this much, but I just can’t help it.”

– Ed Sheeran

“This kind of dizzy, mad love leaves me utterly intoxicated.”

– Rihanna

“I’m addicted to the delirious madness of being in love with you.”

– Shawn Mendes

“My crazy love for you has driven me absolutely mad in the best way.”

– Ariana Grande

“I’m utterly irrational in my love for you, and I don’t care.”

– Selena Gomez

“My love drives me mad with desire, longing, and obsession.”

– Justin Bieber

“Love for you has made me absolutely crazy—and I love it.”

– Demi Lovato

Dangerously in Love | Reckless, Passionate Quotes

“I’m recklessly and dangerously in love with you.”

– Drake
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“Throwing caution to the wind for you makes me feel alive.”

– Rihanna

“I want to let our fiery, unrestrained passion burn out of control.”

– The Weeknd

“My reckless desire for you makes me act without reason.”

– Beyoncé

“I’ll abandon all caution for the dangerous thrill of your love.”

– Nicki Minaj

“For you I’d risk it all, even this reckless, perilous love.”

– Justin Bieber

“I’m addicted to the dangerous thrill of losing control in your arms.”

– Selena Gomez

“My perilous passion for you leaves me breathless.”

– Ariana Grande

“I’m dangerously addicted to your fiery, unrestrained love.”

– Ed Sheeran

“I know loving you is risky, but it makes me feel so alive.”

– Shawn Mendes

Swept Away by Love | Quotes on Being Carried Off by Romance

“I’m utterly swept away, helplessly lost in this deep love for you.”

– Taylor Swift
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“This tidal wave of love carries me along, unable to resist.”

– John Legend

“I’m happily drifting, swept away on a sea of love.”

– Ed Sheeran

“I’ve been swept up in this whirlwind romance, unable to stop falling.”

– Ariana Grande

“This love lifts me up like a storm, carrying me off.”

– Rihanna

“I’m happily at the mercy of this love that rushes over me like a flood.”

– Beyoncé

“I’ve been caught up in a maelstrom of emotions with you.”

– Adele

“Our love sweeps me away completely. I have no control.”

– Sam Smith

Helplessly in Love | Quotes on Losing Control to New Love

“I’ve lost all power to resist falling deeply in love with you.”

– Ed Sheeran
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“No matter how I try, I cannot help but keep falling for you.”

– Shawn Mendes

“I’m defenseless against the intoxicating power of your love.”

– Taylor Swift

“Against my better judgment I keep losing myself in love for you.”

– Drake

“Even though I know better, I’m unable to stop loving you.”

– Ariana Grande

“I’m powerless to control these overwhelming feelings for you.”

– Justin Bieber

“My heart has a mind of its own when it comes to my love for you.”

– Selena Gomez

“I’m completely helpless and defenseless in the face of love.”

– Demi Lovato

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