500+ Best Cute Baby Shower Wishes and Messages

500+ Best Cute Baby Shower Wishes and Messages

Baby Shower Wishes

Choosing who to address on a baby shower wishes can be tough. If you are planning to do it yourself, make sure that you read what it states. Most of the time, if it is going to be a single shower, it is going to say single.

If it is going to a couple, then the wishes should include their child’s name and address. It might also say that the couple will give the other person a gift or something as a token of affection. If it is a birth date, then there should also be a birthday for the person the wishes were made for. If it is a number, then it should be written down on the card. It is not necessary to say the full number, just the first two digits.

Some of these cards might also say that if there is no one to help with the baby shower, then the mom-to-be will use her birth date to give a gift to the one who will help her out. Others are very specific about what the baby shower wishes will be in terms of food, gifts, etc. These are good to have so they don’t get forgotten.

Some people want to make a little bit of money and write down a list of things to buy for the baby shower. This is a good idea but make sure that it is in the form of a list of needs instead of a list of wants.

You may also find the baby shower wishes as a poem. This will be more personal if it is about a special event that was going on in the lives of the parents. It is even better if it is a poem about how happy they are to welcome the child.

Most of the time if the wishes are to go shopping for gifts for the new baby, it will be mentioned on the card. The recipient must get a present in person before the card is sent out. This is because the mother-to-be might want to choose what she wants and might not remember what to get.

Baby shower wishes may also be for parties and events. These can be anything from baby bingo nights, baby parties, playing softball, going bowling, etc.

The best way to go about choosing the ones to give is to think carefully about what each person is looking for. If it is a surprise party, you might want to leave this part up to the mother-to-be. Otherwise, this can be more stressful than it has to be.

Some people think that it’s more important to be unique when writing the baby shower wishes. This may be true if you do not know what the gift will be like. There are many baby shower wishes you can make yourself that will be a lot more personal than a random card that you have to send out. For example, if you know the size of the tummy of the expectant mother, you can write on the baby shower card how much weight she should lose before and after the baby shower.

Baby shower wishes can also be humorous. Some people get serious when thinking about their wishes, what to write in a baby card, and you will be surprised at how they can make some very thoughtful ones. wish with funny baby shower messages if the mom-to-be is an aspiring actor, a wish may be to sign up for acting classes.

Some people like to say that they are doing something that will benefit the child or babies. The best one to do this is by creating online video messages for mom to be at a baby shower


It is all about how creative you can be when you make your baby shower wishes. The only real rule is to put in as much thought into it as possible so that it makes someone feel special.

Have a look at some of the best baby shower quotes and baby wishes

What to write in a baby shower book


“Baby (name) a little bit of heaven sent down to Earth.”


“A wee bit of heaven drifted from above. A handful of happiness, a heartful of love.”

“Here’s to smiles, laughter, patience, and joy. We hope you get a healthy baby girl or boy.”


“Twinkle twinkle little star, can’t wait to see how cute you are.”


“A new baby is like the beginning of all things – wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.”


“Can’t wait to see your baby and appreciate how beautiful a gift God and the Heaven above have bestowed on you.”

“Baby, may you be strong, brave, fearless. But also be kind, gentle, and forgiving! Be the best of the best!”


“We cannot wait to see the cutie pie, and also wish you have a healthy and safe delivery.”


“Happy baby shower, darling! We wish your delivery is safe, and you come home with a healthy baby.”


“It is like only yesterday you were a baby in my hands; now you are going to become a mother soon. I am overjoyed and cannot wait to meet the baby.”

“Soon, your house will be filled with giggles and laughter; I wish you both to thoroughly enjoy the joys of parenthood.”


“You look so cute with your baby bump. I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy.”


“You are about to enter a great adventure. All the best and congratulations.”


“Your little bundle of joy will soon become the apple of your eyes. May your baby be healthy and happy.”


“Motherhood is messy and challenging, but still, it is the most beautiful thing in the world, and I am glad that you are going to experience it soon.”


“Cheers to the new addition to your family, your time together might have been better, but now your time will be the best in your life. Congrats, and waiting to see the baby soon.”


“I am so happy for you; soon, you will become parents. The baby is lucky to grow up in such a loving and caring home.”


“You look like an angel with that pregnancy glow and cute baby bump. Your baby is lucky to have a mother like you.”


“Precious one, so small, so sweet, dancing in on Angel’s feet, straight from heaven’s brightest star, what a blessing you truly are.”


“May you touch dragonflies and stars, dance with fairies and talk to the moon. May you grow up with love and gracious hearts and people who care. Welcome to the world, little one, it has been waiting for you.”


“A little one has joined you both, how happy you must be. It was great when there were two of you, but even better when there are three.”


“A little gift wrapped up and tied, a little wish for the baby inside!”


“Wishing the baby a life full of adventures, blue skies, dreams coming true, happiness and joys!”


“The baby gives us butterflies, no matter how many times we see!”


“Congratulations! The little one is lucky to have you both as parents. May God bless you and your baby.”


“I am looking forward to meeting the little one and want to remind you guys that I am always there for you.”


“We are so happy to share this joyous occasion with you. We wish you a safe delivery and hope to see the cutie soon.”


“Our best wishes to you and your baby. We also want to say that we are there for you.”


“May the baby double the joy and happiness in your life.”


“In a few months, your little one will be in your hands. We cannot wait to see your baby and shower blessings to you and your baby.”


“It was such a pleasure to organize your baby shower, cannot wait to meet, love, and spoil your little one.”


“All the best for the upcoming birth of your baby. We wish you a safe and happy delivery.”


“God bless you and your baby. Looking forward to meeting the little one.”


“Expecting a baby is just the beginning of expecting some of life’s most precious moments. All the best.”


“Just when you think you know what love is, something little comes along and reminds you just how beautiful it is.”


“All of a sudden your baby will be your everything, your world will revolve around them. These are the signs of a happy mother, and I am sure you will be one.”


“The hardest part about parenting is to say goodbye to your kids when they grow up. Until then, enjoy the little moments with them. Congrats on entering a new phase of life.”


“Enjoy the magic a baby brings into your life. May all your days be filled with laughter and happy memories.”


“In just a few months you will be waking up to the cooing sounds and the sweet smell of baby skin, congrats on becoming a mom.”


“Having a baby is a great experience which only a parent can understand. And I am sure you will be amazed.”

Baby Shower Wishes For A Boy


“We know your life is filled with joy, as you have (baby’s name) for a boy!”


“Here comes a brand new little boy, to fill all our hearts and lives with joy!”


“You are having a fantastic little boy, with the cutest nose and perfect smile. He seems to have mommy’s gorgeous eyes and comes with a truckload of style!”


“Tiny fingers and tickly toes, cowboy boots and trucks to tow. A bundle of joy, created by love. A precious gift from heaven above.”


“A baby boy arrives, and just like that everything changes. The world gets bigger, the heart grows fuller, and life gets better as he is in it.”


“Thank you for inviting us to your baby shower celebrations; we cannot wait to see your baby boy.”


“A cute baby boy is on his way to fill your lives with endless love, congratulations to your family.”


“I am sure your little man will be a heartthrob at college as he will be having your good looks and his dad’s humor.”


“Get ready for baseball games, bike rides and many more surprises, congratulations and welcome to motherhood.”


“The little guy is already lucky as he is getting to be a part of your amazing family. Congratulations and all the best.”


“You are my best friend in the world, and I cannot say how happy I am for you. I am sure you will be the world’s best mom, and he is one lucky kid.”


“Having a baby is the most wonderful experience in the world, although you are a bit scared, I am sure you will ace it. All the best darling.”


Baby Shower Wishes For Girl


“We rejoice with you for this sweet gift. May she grow up to be a loving person with a gentle spirit.”


“Congratulations on giving your boy the most precious gift ever – a baby sister.”


“She will be the princess of your house, she will change your life forever, and you will love her with all your heart. Congratulations, and we cannot wait to meet the cutie pie.”


“A little angel from heaven is coming to rule your hearts forever. May you have a safe delivery.”


“In a few days you will be the proud mother of a beautiful baby girl, she will be your best friend for life. Congrats!”


“Enjoy every moment with your little girl. Once she arrives, time will fly and in no time you will be packing her bags as she will be leaving for college.”


“Finally, your wish has come true. She will be your sunshine and a darling sister to protective brothers. Congrats, and wish you good luck.”


“I still remember the day you used to play with Barbie dolls, and now you are going to become a mother! Motherhood is precious; enjoy your days with your little girl.”


“May your daughter be blessed with health, happiness, and a bright future.”

“You look fabulous with that cute baby bump. I am sure your daughter will be smart and beautiful, just like her mother.”


“Get ready for the endless shopping trips, matching outfits, and makeup sessions. But, this time, it will be double the fun as you have a little girl to shop for.”


“You will be her first role model, her first friend, and her first love. No matter how far she is, she will always be your little girl.”


“She is coming soon. An angel from heaven and she will bring loads of happiness and luck into your lives. May God bless the princess.”


“You are going to be a fabulous mother to your girl. All the best and congratulations.”


“Once the baby arrives, you will begin to see the world differently, all you will think of is your baby. A new mom phase is a bliss, enjoy it.”


“I wish your baby girl will grow up and become just like her mother – strong and beautiful.”


“It is time to swap high heels with flip flops and designer purses with diaper bags.”


Baby Shower Messages For Twins


“Double the giggles, double the grins. Double the trouble when you are blessed with twins!”


“One will cry, and one will laugh, one will weep, and one will sleep. Though the troubles do a double shift, these memories will be worth the keep.”


Twin sister or brother, how can these siblings live without each other!”


“Twins are a blessing. But do remember, they will gang up against you and give you a mental breakdown!”


“God gave you twins because you have abundant love within you to nourish and raise two healthy babies. Congrats, darling.”


“Get ready for double nappy changes, and double trouble. But you will also receive double kisses and double happiness.”


“Now you have more than one reason to celebrate because God has blessed you with twin bundles of joy.”


“Now you will have four arms to hug you and four cheeks to kiss. Congrats! We cannot wait to meet the twins.”


“God will bless lucky people like you with double happiness. Double congratulations!”


“A happy family like yours is the perfect place for twins. We are thrilled to be at your baby shower.”


“Thank you for sharing your joy with us. We wish you have a safe and bring home the cutest twin babies ever.”


“Life has given you twins because it knew you no one is as capable as you to raise them. Congratulations.”


Baby Shower Congratulations Messages


“As you are gearing up for the sleepless nights, busy days, and endless love, we want to let you know that we are there to support you at every step. Congratulations on becoming a mom.”


“Congratulations and all the best for the upcoming baby birth! So many things are needed for the new arrival, which makes it a great excuse to shop.”


“Congratulations! You are going to be the best baby oven ever!”


“Congratulations! The egg is about to crack!”


“Congratulations! Hitting the bottle got a whole new meaning in your life!”


“Congratulations! The White Stork is just about to land at your door with a little one!”


“All our best wishes are with you! And we are happy that you invited us to share this wonderful moment with us. Congrats to the new parents to be.”


“Congrats! Very soon you will also join the mother’s club. Cannot wait to go on baby clothes shopping with you.”


“As soon as your baby arrives, you will forget all the pain and your heart will be filled with abundant love. Cherish all such rare moments with your little one. Congrats!”


“Congrats! You are almost through your pregnancy, you look like an angel, and we wish you have a hassle-free delivery.”


“You look stunning with the cute baby bump. I am sure your baby will get all your good looks. Congrats on becoming a mother.”


“It was such a beautiful baby shower; we are happy to be there to share this joy with you. We cannot wait to see the little bundle of joy.”


“Becoming parents is such a joy in life! Enjoy this phase and cherish every moment with your little one. Congratulations!”


“Congratulations! May God bless, guide, and watch over your little angel.”


“Congrats! Life has given you the best gift it has to offer, in the form of your baby.”


“The long wait is over. In just a few months you will be a proud mommy holding your wee one close to your heart. Congrats.”


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